YMCA of the East Valley

The historic Redlands Family YMCA, built in 1927, desired to add a new indoor aquatic center, site improvement and extensive interior remodeling to improve circulation of its existing 50,000 sq. ft. facility. The scope of work includes the new 15,000 sq. ft. natatorium with a 75 x 42 lap pool, a 42 x 40 training pool, locker facilities for men, women, boys, girls, and special needs/family groups, a two step elevator, upgrades to the lobby, and the rebuilding of the Citrus Street façade. Remodeling the 1927 portion of the facility comprises converting spaces to offices, meeting areas, ground floor classroom uses, loading dock and renovating HVAC.



District Administrative Center

The San Bernardino Unified School District’s Administrative Center will undergo a significant remodel of the 48,400 sq. ft. facility starting in January 2018.  This will include replacement of:  the HVAC system with a Variable Refrigerant Flow System, electrical switchgear, fire alarm system, interior lighting, t-grid ceilings, public address system, data cabling system, existing building security system with a new system meeting current district standards.  The main lobbies will receive new large format tile flooring, wall finishes, seating, monitors, secure reception counter and controlled glass entry doors.  The Board of Education will include audience seating, Dais desk, carpet, wood veneer all finishes and monitors.  In addition, restrooms, elevator and accessible parking will be brought up to current code requirements.


Organic Chemistry Lab

Developed in collaboration with the universities expanding nursing program, the remodel of the historical WPA-constructed James Building will provide a state-of-the-art chemistry lab capable of ushering the university's chemistry department well into the 21st century and setting the standard for future lab remodels on campus.  The interior environment consists of; all new finishes and cabinetry, utility infrastructure, HVAC, Lighting, custom-designed 8-person lab benches with linear pendant lighting and exhaust snorkels for localized experimentation.  Fume hoods are arranged for optimal supervision and safety. Wireless internet technologies and LCD's screens have been provided at each lab bench for ease of research via laptop computers and to allow for broadcasting of instructor's experiments from remote location.  The Organic Chemestry Laboratory opened to wide acclaim from students, faculty, and the University’s administration.


School of Nursing

Located on a prominent traffic intersection, the School of Nursing occupies an existing two-story structure that was completely modernized and received a major building addition.  Housing comprehensive graduate and undergraduate nursing programs, the building includes two nursing skills labs (each with 10 bed stations), simulation lab (5 bed stations) with supervising control room, computer lab for 40 students, and faculty offices.  The project was designed and constructed to provide “real-life, hands-on” nursing training.

The simulation lab incorporates the latest technologies utilizing computerized manikins to simulate real-life patients and accurate medical symptoms.  The entire lab, simulation manikins, and the attending students are viewed through multiple video cameras and supervised via one-way glass panels and audio systems.  The bed stations throughout the facility accurately represent state-of-the-art hospital bed arrangements complete with electronics and utility connections.


Contemporary Club

The historic Contemporary Club of Redlands, established in 1903, has been a pillar in the Redlands community for over a century. The renovated interior and site have been brought up to current ADA standards, as well as an aesthetic upgrade to the restrooms and other interior spaces. In a collaborative effort with the ladies of the Contemporary Club, The Watchorn Lincoln Memorial Association, and the A. K. Smiley Public Library, the now connected properties compose an overall Library campus.