End of the school year is always a busy time in the office.  Construction projects are primed to begin work during the summer season when school is out of session.  Staff members have children graduating, promoting, and receiving awards.  It is a time for both past reflection and anticipation of a future that has not yet presented itself.

Since the early 1990’s, in the spirit of “giving back” to a profession that has enriched our lives, PCH continues to bolster young people interested in pursuing a career in Architecture.  This week, Pedro and I presented our annual scholarships to admirable students at our local high schools.

At the local Redlands high schools, we have sponsored the PCH Architects/Stephen J. Lenholf Memorial Architectural Scholarship.  Initially, awards were presented at Redlands and Redlands East Valley High Schools.  A few years ago, Citrus Valley High School, was added when it opened.  These scholarships are presented to deserving students intending to pursue a career in Architecture.

Mr. Stephen J. Lenholf was a well-respected drafting and architectural instructor for many years at Redlands High School.  His memory as a trusted friend and excellent teacher lives on as an encouragement to the younger generation of Architects.  For many years, his wife assisted with presentation of the awards.

For the first time this year, we are pleased to sponsor the PCH Architectural Scholarship at Martin Luther King High School in Riverside.  It is presented to a deserving student of good character who will be pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture degree at an accredited college or university.

Initial student candidates are screened through the Redlands Community Scholarship Foundation (RCSF) or the Riverside Educational Enrichment Foundation (REEF).  Candidates’ transcripts and essay compositions regarding their interest in Architecture are personally reviewed by the Principals of PCH Architects prior to making a selection.

While the amount of the scholarships has varied with the uncertainties of the fluctuating economy, we are proud to have awarded individual scholarships to over 65 praiseworthy students throughout the years. 

In keeping with the principles of PCH’s Vision and Mission Statement, we believe that “giving-back” to the future generation not only enriches their life but that of our Team as well.